The Coad family has toured Australia for over 50 years and is a true house hold name. Phil and Chris Coad began their travels together, back in the 80’s and have been travelling ever since taking their music wherever they go.


Bringing their own music to hotels, pubs and clubs, rodeo’s, camp drafts..to cd form… and then through to radio stations, it has spread all over Australia with their blend of new and old country songs from all over the world. From Slim Dusty, Charlie Pride…through to Gina Jefferies covers on their first released album, “Two’s Company.” This album has a hit on it for everyone’s taste pallets and shows their strong country roots and love for all styles of country music. This gives a taster for their second album that hit the stands in 2016.


“Generations,” an album that was put together by the whole family with originals and mix of covers from the greats. The talent of song writing runs in the family blood with tracks like, “Another time,“ written by Phil Coad, “Ring old Banjo,” “When her memory stands still” written by son and daughter Kathryn and Michael Coad and many more…… The album showcases the tremendous talent that runs through all the Coad’s veins and their multi-talented ability to play any instrument.


Now running three successful Country Music Musters from Queensland down to as far as New South Wales, showcasing not only their own family talent but the other fantastic Australian Artists in the Country Music Industry. There three festivals showcase true Australian Bush Ballad Artists and mixing in a blend of the new and upcoming Australian Balladeers. These festivals grow every year with more artists and followers coming back to make the success of the festivals better every year.


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